Parking Deck Restoration Services

Structural Repairs, Deck Coatings & Replacements

Keeping the parking structures at your commercial property in good condition is critical for the safety and efficiency of your parking area. Stone Restoration of America has offered the extensive parking deck restoration solutions that commercial property owners throughout the Carolinas have trusted for nearly 30 years. From spall repairs and bearing pad replacements to traffic striping and drain installation, our team will fully restore your parking deck for long-lasting durability.

Parking Deck Restoration Projects

Stone Restoration of America is proud to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship in each of our parking deck restoration projects. Take a look at some of the parking deck restorations our team has recently completed to see first-hand the importance of restoring your commercial parking structure:
Courtyard by Marriott Uptown Charlotte

Courtyard by Marriott Uptown Charlotte

Coker University Dining Hall Basement Structure Repairs

Coker University Dining Hall Basement Structure Repairs

Charlote Plaza Parking Deck

Charlote Plaza Parking Deck

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Benefits of Parking Deck Restoration

Property managers stand to gain a lot from choosing to have their parking decks professionally restored, including:


Updating the traffic striping in your parking structure can help streamline traffic for a more efficient parking experience.



Ensuring your structure is properly sealed and restored will provide renewed confidence in its safety.



Reduce the need for expensive repairs, replacements, and maintenance by having the entire structure fully restored.

Our Parking Deck Restoration Solutions

Our team proudly serves general contractors, property managers, and building owners throughout the Carolinas, offering a broad variety of parking deck restoration solutions. We have experience with:
  • Barrier cable repair and replacement
  • Bearing pad replacement
  • Bollard installation
  • Car stops
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Corrosion inhibitor and anode corrosion protection
  • Deck coating
  • Double T connection repair and reinforcement
  • Drain installation
  • Epoxy crack injection
  • Expansion joint replacement
  • Post tension tendon repairs and replacement
  • Sealant replacement
  • Shoring
  • Spall repairs
  • Specialty coating and painting
  • Stair repairs and replacement
  • Structural concrete repairs with reinforcing steel
  • Structural steel replacement
  • Traffic striping