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Introducing HydroDemolition

Stone Restoration HydroDemolition is our state-of-the-art solution for concrete, coating, and sealant removal. This advanced method outperforms traditional demolition techniques, offering superior results and enhanced safety. Hydrodemolition employs high-pressure water jets delivered through a computer-controlled robot to precisely eliminate unwanted materials without causing micro-cracking in the remaining concrete, ensuring the structural integrity of your surfaces.

This environmentally friendly process minimizes waste and disruption, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient choice for your commercial property. Stone Restoration HydroDemolition surpasses traditional jackhammering in efficiency, preserving your concrete substrates and reducing downtime. Embrace the future of concrete restoration with our innovative HydroDemolition service.

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Who uses  HydroDemolition?

HydroDemolition is ideal for, and caters to, a diverse range of industrial and infrastructure needs.

DOT Bridge deck/bridge structures and roadways


Water/wastewater facilities


Nuclear facilities


Large concrete and demolition contractors




Parking Decks


Military Installations



Why Choose SRA for HydroDemo?

We possess the necessary robot and high-pressure pump rig equipment, backed by skilled and specialized crews with extensive training in this field.

Trust Stone Restoration for HydroDemolition

At Stone Restoration, we offer comprehensive turn-key Hydro Demolition services.  Our team proivdes both the equipment and skilled crews to manage every aspect from start to finish.

Our capabilities extend beyond Hydro Demolition; we can seamlessly complete projects by handling concrete replacement/repair and sealant/coating applications once the Hydro Demolition phase is finished. This ensures a hassle-free, end-to-end solution for your concrete and coating needs.